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The Orbis OM100 Crusher is a dual action fine Jaw Crusher that will reduce samples from up to 110mm top size to as low as 90% passing 2mm in a single pass. the OM100 is designed to crush larger samples including core to minus 2mm in a single pass, greatly improving efficiency.


Main Features:

  • Front Loading Hopper that holds up to 15kg of sample

  • 110mm sample can be crushed to 2mm in a single pass .

  • 7.5 kw motor for added power and torque.

  • 400mm wide jaws for faster processing times.

  • Easy to access greasing points make maintenance quick and easy.

  • Easy to install and does not need to be bolted to the floor. 


















The OM100 Crusher is also available with a range of add on sample splitters including a Rotating Sample Divider, Linear Sample Divider and a Smart System configuration that allows the operator to split out a specific sample weight.  All splitters are available in both single and duplicate split configurations.

Orbis front angle 2.png
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